Paddock trail no. 2

After we’d had so much success with our first paddock trail, we built a second free range stable in 2012, following the same principles. The main challenge presented by the grounds at our disposal was that the horses in the mini free range stables had to be able to graze on the pastures. The grazing areas therefore had to be accessible from outside.

In addition, we wanted to integrate a large open area into the track and, following our experiences with paddock trail 1, we wanted the water trough to be as close to the ford as possible.

This resulted in the following plan. There are two sheds on the left hand side. These are placed close enough so that the herd can stay together, even with the animals standing in separate shelters, but far enough apart to allow horses in conflict to keep out of each other’s way. Additionally, they also “serve” different wind directions. Furthermore, the ford and the ice-free trough were integrated into the left part of the paddock.

paddock trail 2

The horses can reach the middle path via a gravel track. Two fenced in rows of bushes force them to walk on the hard surface. Another shelter was placed in the center. The middle path leads through the grazing areas. These can also be reached by the horses stabled in the boxes and mini free range stables.

On the right, the track leads around two inner pastures. These pastures are used in the mornings by the herd on a rotational basis. There are three sheltered hay racks on the track, and the hay is covered with a small mesh net.

Let’s take a look at some trail scenes from the lives of the “PT2 horses”:

Kletterhuegel Paddock Trail

​At play around the climbing mound

Paddock Trail Tränke Liegeplatz

​The trough and rest area

Paddock Trail Teich

​The ford

Paddock Trail spielen

​Playing in the wood-chip pile

Track Paddock Trail

​Life on the trail

Paddock Trail Winter

​Winter scene