Active stabling - the diet group

A number of completely different horses are stabled in our diet group’s active stable, but all of them are to be fed as little grass as possible. The breeds stabled here include Haflingers, Arabs and PRE mares. Some of the horses are too fat, others are at risk for laminitis.

This free range stable features two indoor rest areas, one is 60 square meters, the other 25. Half of the larger rest area is covered with soft bedding, the other half is covered with a litter of green compost and coarse wood-chips. The smaller shed also has a green compost / wood-chip litter. 450 square meters of the paddock were paved with plastic grids and then covered with sand. The paddock also includes a winter grazing area of around 3000 square meter.​

Aktivstall / Offenstall Diätgruppe

​View of the active stable diet group

There is a concentrate feeding station as well as two double hay dispensers. These are separated by a long double fence with a newly planted hedge. That way, the horses have to take the long way around to get to their oat feed. The circular track has also been paved with plastic grids.

Here is a video taken on the day we put up the dividing fence (after the horses had been able to access it without the fence for years :-).