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Where to stable a sick free range horse?

// Artikel vom 19.1.17 //

If at all possible, the horse should remain within the free range area. Depending on the illness, familiar surroundings and …


Is free range stabling a suitable option for my horse?

// Artikel vom 3.8.16 //

I’ve often been asked this question and the simple answer is: Free range stabling is a suitable option for any …


How to integrate a new horse into a free range stable?

// Artikel vom 17.6.16 //

In the wild, horses generally have plenty of space and opportunities for keeping out of each other’s way. In addition, …


Distributing hay feeds for more exercise

// Artikel vom 21.4.16 //

Over the past few months, the horses stabled on our Paddock Trail 1 have become incredibly efficient energy savers.  You …


The significance of sugar content in hay

// Artikel vom 12.2.16 //

In my view, the sugar content in hay has a very strong influence on a horse’s condition (degree of obesity) …


Are there any better alternatives to a run-in shed?

// Artikel vom 30.12.15 //

In my own experience, and according to feedback I have received from other stable owners, many herds do not use …


Free Range Stabling and Fords

// Artikel vom 22.10.15 //

As a number of questions frequently come up on the subject of fords and free range stabling tends, I decided …


Using green compost in free range stabling – a report

// Artikel vom 23.9.15 //

In December 2012, we used green waste compost supplied by the company Terrcheval as bedding for the first time in …


Why won’t my horse stop eating?

// Artikel vom 15.9.15 //

Horses eat constantly. Most people are aware of this. But there are still a number of horses who take this …


Start of our english website …

// Artikel vom 15.9.15 //

In the last years, the german website “” increased to a considerable size. The related facebook-site has today over 13.000 …



Offenstall Autorin

Tanja Romanazzi, born 1970, studied computer science and physics and completed her doctorate in multi media technology.

Following the birth of her first daughter in 2000, established a riding stable near Dresden, now home to over 70 horses, more than 25 years of experience with her own and other people's horses, eventing (dressage) up to the highest levels, foal training.

Trained as an alternative veterinary practitioner at the BTB (Bildungswerk für therapeutische Berufe - training centre for therapeutic professions), REIKI (grade III) and three years of study at the German School for Radionics.

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